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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Miss The Old Of Us

It's getting fear and dark , 
It's make me cold when I'm here your voice ,
I'm cried inside realise how could your gone from my life ,
I've realise everything inside , 

There's a few question inside , 
Why could this be ?
How could you hurt me so ?
Why would my heart feel so bad ?

You say you love me just a Token
Your love for me just in a second
Your sweet words just forsaken
You hurting me as muched as a broken HEART

Miss the old of YOU ,
It's make me happy when I I can see you laughing ,
Without your YOU , I got nothing 
I've feel ain't completely .

I'm understand the situation
and I'm not pulling to be by my Side ,
so honey come to me - hug me and said that you love me 
I just missing youu so much .